It all started with...

The idea, in Jewish mythology, of the Lamed Vavnik ("LAH-med VAHV-nick"). Literally translated the components of the phrase is “Lamed”, which is the symbol for the number “thirty”, “Vav”, the number “six” and “nik” which loosely refers to “one who is…” 

The "Legend of the Thirty-Six" is: In every generation, there are 36 righteous people on the earth, for whose sake, God spares the world. The idea being that through the application of their gifts, their talents, the things that make them uniquely who they are, they actively prove to God that humanity deserves to continue to exist. The 36 are unknown to themselves, as well as to the rest of us. Therefore, we are all called upon to behave as if we might be one of them. We all must structure our lives, and our actions, in service of our community and world, because we may be humanity's last bastion of protection.

This legend is inspirational to the mission and mode for JustArt Theatricals, LLC and we're very excited about how it informs our next projects!