Founded by wife and husband team Melissa Steedle Bogad and Aaron Bogad (an Attorney and an Educational Theatre Director respectively), JustArt Theatricals, LLC is a theatre company that celebrates the marriage between Art and Justice.

We believe that art should be made that benefits the community beyond the joy of the making and consuming of that art. When art is created with an intentional view towards social action and seeking justice there is much greater potential for impact on the community. JustArt Theatricals is dedicated to the creation of that kind of art.

Our Team

JustArt Theatricals, LLC is super excited to share with you who the heck we are! We're going to be adding team members over the next year and we encourage you to check back with us to see who is making it all happen!

Melissa Bogad

Executive Director

Aaron bogad

Artistic Director

Caitlin Steedle

Director of Special Events and Outreach