Goodnight Ghosts

Just a quick little post to signify the moment. It is I write this. Probably later when I post...likely MUCH later when you read it... but still. Worth noting. Also worth noting is the extreme lack of sleep that has led us to this moment. Consequently, there will be grammatical errors.

The kids are asleep upstairs, Melissa with them. This was an incredibly special day, and I'm not sure when it is okay to let go of it and let it end. We opened a show guys. We opened a freaking show. All morning I was running around (two trips to Costco...seriously) and made it to Wilmington in order to get on the radio. 

Now you might think radio is dead, but you'd be wrong. Radio, like immigrants (thank you Mr. Miranda), gets the job done. We (and by "we" I mean three cast members from Spring Awakening, Will Rotsch (who plays Georg), Mike Macri (who plays Hanschen) and Elsa Kegelman (who plays Ilse) and myself) were lucky enough to be on WDEL 101.7 FM with Rick Jensen and Stefanie Witby talking about the show. We had a blast discussing the various stages of our cast members haircuts (sponsored by Trolley Grooming Lounge ), why you should see the show, Germany, our production company's relationship with Salesianum, etc. 

After the show I headed back to the theater to finish getting ready, which took right up to the last minute. Then, oh my...I left the room where I was reading to the cast and Melissa and I walked towards the theater. I got nervous, and she offered to go in first. I said that was silly and in I went. And what?!? CROWDED. And a line. And I went over to our awesome guests from On The Stage (the amazing folks who handle our box office transactions and reservations, as well as merch sales) and we were selling strong. We ended up selling 94 out of 99 total seats. As we were ready to go we had some stragglers who weren't even able to sit together! That's the sort of problem you can't wait to have!

After the show I thanked everyone, did our raffle drawings of the great stuff we had to give away, we had some desserts and...then it was done. We did the ghost light (it was a totally unique one, that I will talk about in another entry...but <spoiler alert> Melissa turned it on! 

Then drove home with Melissa where we did what we do...Talked the whole time. I tell you what everyone, I'm incredibly lucky. I'm surrounded by people who inspire me, I'm next the most impressive partner I can imagine, I lead a group of dedicated and passionate artists...and then I come home to my parents, taking care of my kids...

Whatever I've done to deserve this life I lead, I'm thankful for.

When we turn on the ghost light we always say "Goodnight Ghosts" to let the ghosts know that their time has come in the space, and that we acknowledge and invite them. It is ritual and it has framed much of my professional career. It helps us signal that the days work is over, no matter how far we've progressed into the next day (it is now 1:28 am!)

So for now, until tomorrow, today, I say, Goodnight Ghosts. And thank you, from the bottom of my heart.