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All That's Known...

At the end of the 19th century, German playwright Frank Wedekind wrote a strange and beautiful play about the challenges and fearful mania that can surround young people's discovery of themselves. His story of what it means to come to grips with who you are in ways that you don't understand, and, perhaps, haven't been prepared to understand is considered by many to be a seminal work of the Modern movement. The play dealt with challenging and, for some, upsetting, subject matter and was frequently banned, although it was also recognized as important.

A century later pop musician Duncan Sheik and theatrical book writer/lyricist Steven Sater collaborated on what would become an absolute watershed piece of musical theatre. Combining punk/pop anthems with more familiar contemporary folk and ballad tinged music, the show gave voice to the anger, joy, frustration, elation and magic that we all go through to exorcise our demons and practice our hesitant first steps towards adulthood.

This is a show about how unjust the world can feel when you're young and powerless to do anything about it. Too often the only ways of affecting their own lives is for young people to take dangerous, radical, or risky action.

JustArt Theatricals, LLC is incredibly proud to present this raucous, tender, ferocious, and needy story as our opening statement as a company.